Unique one off turnings by Roger Murphy – Commissions Available

Hollow Forms

Natural Edge


One Off’s

Roger Murphy

About 30 years ago I was surf/travelling around Australia and ended up in Margaret River. Not just a destination for superb West Australian surf, but the home of Jarrah, many other timbers and an associated woodturning art/craft industry.


I saw “functionless” turning for the first time – Jarrah burl hollow forms – crafted purely to show the beauty of the wood. It left its mark on me and ten years later I started turning and have been doing so for 20 years.


With each piece my aim, through whatever form; hollow, natural edge, platter, bowl or box, is to bring the natural beauty of the wood to the fore. This may also incorporate some simple texturing and colouring techniques depending on the timber in question.


I source the vast majority of my timber locally in Hampshire and Dorset. Occasionally if a piece catches my eye, and I can afford it, I’ll take something more exotic.


Recently I have become involved in Windsor chair making – incorporating turning, steam bending, carving and plenty of whittling. These are all disciplines in their own right and result in an incredibly comfortable chair in which to sit!


If you have a design in mind, I am happy to discuss turning designs and bespoke works on an individual basis.